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In this installment of The Reader, we're excited to offer readers a selection of five of our most popular articles taken from 2018. These articles touch on a number of timely topics, including channel, competition, credentialing and cloning. Additionally, I asked members of our sales and support teams to provide relevant comment on one of their favorite stories. It's our intention that these articles and associated comment will spur dialog, understanding, enjoyment and better business!

Scott Lindley
General Manager, Farpointe Data

1. A Simple Solution to Address Card Cloning

By Shep Sheppard, January — As seen in The Reader

“A pitfall of 125-kHz proximity technology is the fact that credential cloning is possible. I like that Shep's article offers a thrifty solution, adding keypad readers, such as our P-640 Patagonia, to a facility's perimeter to easily add an extra layer of security.”

Rudy Regidor, Customer Service Manager
Cell: +1-669-600-1714

Mobile Access Credential

2. An Introduction to Wiegand

By Shep Sheppard, August — As seen in The Reader

“When I joined Farpointe in 2005, seriously, I don't think I'd ever heard the word 'Wiegand'. While today it's often maligned, I suspect this data format/physical interface/electrical signal/card technology will be with us for many years to come. Thank you Shep for making Mr. Wiegand's discovery so accessible.”

Francisco Alcala, West Coast Sales Manager
Cell: +1-650-762-4129

Protect Your Business from Amazon

3. How to Protect Your Business From Amazon

By Scott Lindley, September — As seen on Security Today

“The practical protective solutions Scott provided in this article are within reach of every integrator, and clearly reinforces why customized credential branding should be a consideration at every sales opportunity.”

Tom Piston, East Coast Sales Manager
Cell: +1-650-454-5102

Mobile Access Credential

4. Are Mobile Credentials More Secure Than Smart Cards?

By Scott Lindley, July — As seen on Source Security

“If you're an electronic access control systems dealer, then Scott's article speaks to you. It offers great reasons to move to the new secure mobile solutions available today, like Conekt.”

Sargon Younathan, Customer Support Specialist
Phone: +1-408-731-8700 ext. 113

Farpointe RFID Readers and Credentials

5. Why Farpointe Data Prefers to Go To Market Via the True Channel

By Rudy Regidor, November — As seen in The Reader

“Rudy, please know I enjoyed this well-written article. It explains Farpointe's business model, clearly differentiating our channel-management strategies from those of our competition. Really hope it makes the reader think and thus better understand their choices in secure RFID.”

Stephen "Shep" Sheppard, Key Accounts Sales Manager
Cell: +1-408-731-0468

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