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Tough Duty – On the beach in Waikaloa, Hawaii

Migrating Comfortably from Deadbolt Locks to EAC

By Scott Lindley
President, Farpointe Data

As seen in Doors + Hardware

There is no doubt about it—mechanical locks will continue to be part of a security solution for many years. Nonetheless, more and more customers are wanting—and needing—electronic access control (EAC). Door providers will need to get into EAC in the future to be competitive and successful versus the myriad of EAC providers in the market. Some might say that door professionals are being dragged, kicking and screaming, into the EAC market. If you are leery of EAC, don't be.

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Integrated Access Control Services, Inc.

Why Do Security Integrators Around the World Choose Farpointe Data Readers and Credentials?

To find the answer, Tom Piston, Farpointe’s East Coast Sales Manager, recently chatted with Richard Gillespie, owner of Integrated Access Control Services, Inc. (IACS) in Manassas, Virginia, to find out why he prefers Farpointe.

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Delta6.4 Reader & Keypad provides
multi-factor authentication and enhanced smartcard encryption

The First Rule, Encrypt

When implementing a card-based system, protect yourself

By Scott Lindley
President, Farpointe Data

As seen in Security Today

It used to be that the most important aspect of implementing an electronic access control system was the simple control of who went where when. Today, the requirements of these sophisticated systems go beyond. Indeed, one of the security challenges frequently heard surrounds denying hackers, cyber-punks and associated bad actors from using the access system as a gateway to an organization’s sensitive IT network.

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D-405 Guardian™ Contactless Smartcard Reader

Product Spotlight: Contactless Smartcard Vandal-Resistant Rugged Readers

Guardian™ vandal-resistant readers are machined from thick, polycarbonate material, feature epoxy potted electronics, and ship standard with tamper-proof screws. The result is a monolithic reader that can withstand much more than just the damaging effects of impacts.

Available in a 13.56-MHz contactless smartcard format, these readers are ideal for applications where both heightened security and extra durability are needed!

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On Monday, August 21st at 10:15 AM, here in Sunnyvale, CA, we experienced a partial solar eclipse, with the moon obscuring some 79% of the sun.

Here, members of the Farpointe team gather to view the eclipse through an eclipse view box.

Inset, is the image of the eclipse as it appeared in the view box.

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